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  • Gabi Zinum

    Gabi Zinum

    Urban planner and architect, right after human rights activist. Writer at Curious and Climate Conscious

  • Nadia B. Ahmad

    Nadia B. Ahmad

  • William Davison

    William Davison

    Journalist based in Ethiopia. I’ve written for outlets including Bloomberg, The Guardian and Foreign Policy. This blog will probably be mostly media commentary.

  • Michelle Jackson

    Michelle Jackson

  • Silvia Baldini

    Silvia Baldini

  • Marina Martinez

    Marina Martinez

    Global sustainability researcher. Writing about the controversial relationships among People, Nature, and Economy.

  • Mathilde Miessen

    Mathilde Miessen

    🇧🇪 Digital Marketer, Content Writer, and Healthy Lifestyle lover. ✔️English Blog: https://www.livemyway.net ✔️IG: livemywayin5boulettepoints

  • Russia Chavis

    Russia Chavis

    Mom, partner, writer, yogi.

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